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No get rich quick schemes - just legitimate talk, tips and programs to make money online

You owe it to yourself to take a serious look at this:

How anyone can sit at home and make money online!

So you've heard all the hype, seen reports on the news and maybe even know someone who knows someone who works from home because they make their living online.

Maybe your tired of hearing the stories and finally want to take a shot at it yourself?

Great! I'm glad you're here!

First, as a tip from your new online friend who has been doing this a while - don't quit your job yet. Don't give up any source of income you already have. Something is better than nothing and though making money online is quick and easy compared to many things, wait until you've built a nice foundation of money before you go making any real life moves in any way.

I write that piece of advice so often, I apologize if you're getting tired of me saying it from elsewhere. But good advice is good advice and I don't think you can hear it enough.

Alright, so before I even send you off into recommended places, techniques and programs to make money online - I'd like to give you a few more tips, if you don't mind. Because I really... REALLY want you to succeed. I love being able to help people and touch their lives from the comfort of home - there's a beauty and power in that I just can't describe.

IF you are in a position that the cost of this suggestion is no big deal to you - like "throw away money" that you'd spend on fast food, or a coffee or something then get yourself a PO Box and an e-mail address that is different than the personal e-mail you currently use for all your family and friends.

Here's why:

If you get into making websites, blogs and stuff - which is how MANY people make money online, you'll need to purchase domain names and they require an address to register. I like to use a PO BOX just to be safe, protect my home from junk mail and things like that. I do NOT however use the PO BOX for most other things. I don't use it to sign up for affiliate programs, or for doing any business with reputable places that send me money. I have money come right to the house.

Regarding the e-mail address. There are a multitude of reasons to have email addresses, I have very few - for simplicity's sake. I have 1 email for family, friends and big businesses I purchase from (Amazon, etc) - then I have another e-mail for domain names, affiliate programs and business interaction and 2 more for miscellaneous use that is of no benefit to get into here.

The second you start buying goods and services for your online business, you are now an independent contractor, sole proprietor of business and these purchases are tax deductible.

When you buy domains, software, computers, printers, office supplies, educational programs and things of that nature, they all are business expenses. PLEASE check with your tax professional for other things that qualify as write-offs and how to use them to your advantage. I am not a tax accountant or attorney nor do I play one on TV or on the internet.

Another tip... don't put out thousands of dollars up front unless you have it to burn. There's no reason to. You can get involved making money online for hundreds, not thousands of dollars. And that hundreds figure includes supplies (web hosting, domains, etc) you'll need and a solid program to show you step-by-step how to make your first dollars online.

Get into the habit of being organized. Even if you are a total slob that is the perfect example of the word unorganized - CHANGE the habit for the sake of your business. It will pay seen and unseen dividends for the rest of your life!

KEEP track of everything. Keep your receipts of purchases, keep your passwords for programs, keep your email interactions, keep a nice, organized record of virtually everything you do. and.. then.. KEEP a backup or two of your computer - images, music, software, email, passwords, documents, EVERYTHING. Seriously.

Before you run screaming that this is already sounding too much like work and it's making your dream of making money online feel like boring, crappy chores - let me assure you, if you get STARTED from a place of organization and taking care of business, it will become HABIT pretty quickly and it won't seem like work at all. It'll be just the way you do things, like whatever order you wash yourself in the shower or how you brush your teeth.

Always encourage yourself to learn and grow a little bit more. Don't go crazy and force yourself to do unpleasant amounts of studying, work or exploring outside of your comfort zone - but do get in the habit of pushing a little. Like if you can walk 3 miles now, walk 3 miles and 4 blocks next time. If you know about a certain subject, devote some down time to see if there are any new discoveries in that area.

Set goals in writing. Break those goals down into workable plans. Chunk those plans down into the little daily activities you take and keep ALL these things to yourself. You just go on, plugging away on our goals. If you tell others, you'll waste a bunch of time on talk, and that's worthless - also, you'll invite THEIR negativity and THEIR fears and THEIR limited thinking to start building stumbling blocks for you. Nobody needs that.

Imagine how you would like your life to be improved by the new money you'll be making with your new online business...

How does that feel? Did you do it? Was the vision of your future awesome? Did it give you the sense of freedom and joy you deserve?

I wanted to add more to this page - but I want you to get started quickly and easily too..

While I work on some more for this area and other pages, check this out, it's a quick and easy way to start making some money.


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