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WARNING: This web page is for adults only interested in earning money from home by selling adult products (DVD's, sex toys, etc) online - it contains adult language and links to other sites intended for adults.

I am a simple person. NO college education, no special training and as you can plainly see - my webpages aren't even good! But, I've been making my living 100% online since 1996 and on this site I share HOW I do it.

FACT: Even after the ".com burst" you can still make a GREAT living online.

MYTH: There is no money online anymore

FALSE! MORE money is being spent and made online NOW than ever before. We are truly a wired world and there's NO going back.

MYTH: You need to stock a product to sell it

WRONG! There are plenty of places online where you can be an affiliate marketer. This means you simply send visitors to a site where SOMEONE ELSE stocks the products and does all the leg work - you get a commission based on the sales you make.

 MYTH: Affiliate sales SUCK because commission percentages are too low

Yes AND no. For some programs (and I won't name names) the payout is pretty painfully low. But what I'm here to tell you about is an INCREDIBLE 35% for selling hard goods (actual products not 'information' products like e-books, etc)

MYTH: Adult products are taboo, only degenerates get involved with that stuff

FALSE! Here's what's real... People have sex and have sexual fantasies. Not just some little fringe group, but LOADS of people. If you go into your local church and hear people lashing out against sexuality -- THOSE people are having sex. People who hold up picket signs in protest against sexuality..  THOSE people are having sex. They use lubricants, condoms, sex toys, adult dvd's and other accessories to explore their sexuality - both alone AND with their partner(s).

Do you think we reach population explosion status by everyone playing checkers until their married and then having a plain, white bread, untoasted sex life? NO WAY!

Sexuality is HUGE, will ALWAYS exist and YOU can profit from it!

I have been getting paychecks from this company for years. I know from my own personal experience they are honest and are easy to work with.

They have loads of products for people to choose from - EASY setup, links already coded with YOUR own ID # in them so you get ALL the credit for ALL the sales you send.

Keep in mind. This IS a business. Don't get goofy and start spamming or trying to use other dishonest tactics to try to make a fast buck. Think of this as the family business - just be straight up, tell it like it is, put in good effort and you will be rewarded with a fine online business.

Here's something that's pretty sweet with THIS program:

Once you get a customer, they are YOUR customer - so if they buy 10 times, you get %35 of all 10 of those orders, even though they only clicked your link ONCE back in the beginning. Doesn't matter if they place an order online or by phone or fax, YOUR id is on their account for good.

I promote a good amount of programs. Some sell products, some online services and so on. This is easily the most generous, straight out of the box program I have ever used to sell a physical product online. 35% no matter how much you sell, straight away. NO investment, NO inventory and it costs you NOTHING to TRY! Especially if you already have a website.

Check out their site. See that everything I told you about is on the up and up and then GO FOR IT. Set yourself some earnings goals, put some plans into actions and get YOUR MONEY!

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make money selling sex toys
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