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How to make money in the adult industry

There are plenty of ways for every day people like you and I to make money in the adult industry.

Wanna be a porn star? Go to your favorite porn sites, scroll to the bottom of their main page and look for a "models wanted" link.

Would you rather make money masturbating on camera from the comfort of your home? No problem, webcams models of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, etc are always in demand!

Do you like porn? Would you like to make money selling porn site memberships to people?

Would you like to sell physical products? Porn movie DVD's, sex toys and things like that?

You can do any or all of those things!

Imagine how your life would improve by making more money and having more free time...

So are you ready to get started?

I hope so! Let's begin...

Make Money Masturbating - Webcam Modeling

Do you have a webcam for your computer or laptop? Would you like to make money for masturbating and showing off?

No matter who you are or what you look like, there IS a market for YOU! There are people from all around the World that love playing and interacting with webcam models - so no matter what times you feel like working, there will always be an audience ready for you.

To learn more about working as a webcam model and to get signed up and started, click the appropriate link for you:

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Make Money Masturbating - Selling Sex Toys And Products

If you have social media, a website, blog or any means of reaching people on - you already have half of the issue covered when it comes to making money online and that is getting people / leads / traffic / customers.

You can create an adult blogs, websites, forums or other places where you get people to visit where you can refer them to products and services in the adult marketplace.

The way you would promote many things is very similar - including promoting webcam models and porn sites, but for now we'll start with sex toys and adult products. By the way, the commissions rock!

With your adult blogs or websites, you can have erotic stories, pictures, videos, reviews or any combination of those things. You can passively promote sex toys with banners and text links on various places on the top, bottom and/or sides of the page. But, you can also more actively promote and refer them by including the link IN the body of the content you have on the page.

For instance, if you had erotic stories on your site, if one of the characters in the story was using a particular sex toy or watching an adult dvd, you can take those specific words - for example "watching Debbie Does Dallas" or something like that or "slowly penetrating herself with her glass dildo" or whatever. You can select and highlight those words and make them clickable links that go to the product that is related.

This sounds like something you can do, right?

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Make Money Masturbating - Selling Porn And Webcam Shows

So if you're into porn and webcam shows but have no desire to get in front of a camera, no problem - there's still money for you in these areas!

Similarly to selling sex toys, you can create adult blogs and websites that have content and refer people to webcam services and porn sites.

Targeting is recommended, meaning, if you have a website that is focused on blonde women with big tits - you'll want the webcam models and/or websites to be related. It would not be very effective to promote gay porn from the example site used.

If you decide to promote porn sites, you'll find very many of them provide sample content for you to use to help promote their sites. Not only will this help you with targeting, but it'll save you money hiring models or buying content to put on your site.

Regarding content for your site - do not, under any circumstance just take pictures/videos/stories or anything else from any other site or source. There is no such thing as "public domain" for your business use. At best, it's a great way to get sued and we don't want that.

The websites you choose to promote will likely have a "tools" section in their webmaster / affiliates area. In these areas you can find banners to use and as previously mentioned sample content, photo and/or video galleries and things of that nature.

Additionally, most sponsors (the porn site sponsoring you as you will be their affiliate) provide stats - so you can see how much traffic you are sending, from what sources and how many sales you make.

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make money masturbating