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I know you've heard it all before. When something good becomes available a bunch of people jump on the bandwagon pushing lesser versions of the original that often don't work and give the whole movement a bad name.

But here's what's real: I have been making my living 100% online since 1996. Before that, I was what is known in the world as "unskilled labor". Even today, if I was to go fill out a job application somewhere, I'd be turned down. I don't have the on paper proof that I possess any skills. Thankfully, I shouldn't need to submit myself to that level of embarrassment ever again.

I want to help regular people, just like you and I to make money from home.

So what of the title of this website, "make money masturbating", right?

Well I'm here to tell you - you can take that literally any way you want to.

You can make money for masturbating and you can make money while masturbating. No kidding!

If you are comfortable with the world of adult things - live nude webcam shows, pornography, sex toys and the like - I can help you, literally make money for masturbating online. OR if you're into the scene but are a little shy, I can help you make money selling adult videos, sex toys or access to other people's nude webcam shows.

If you are NOT comfortable with the world of adult things and would not like to be associated with that world. You can call this website "make money from your computer anywhere in the world" if you want. I can help you make money, like I do, selling other people's products online. This is called affiliate marketing and is one of the greatest things to come along for home based business, EVER.

Let me ask you a question...

Do you believe that you could earn / make / get one dollar online?

Just one dollar. That's it.

What do you think?

Are you up to that challenge?

Allow me to let you in on a little secret. That's the way to make a living or get rich online. The rest is rinse and repeat. Do you follow me?

Wanna know another secret? This is an even bigger secret, one that the masses at large are totally missing out on. Make that first dollar (and the ones that follow) in a way that is related to things you like.

For instance, if you like gardening, working on cars, playing with dogs, climbing trees, messing around on the computer, music, movies, etc - then you should choose to make money in a way to related to those things.

Sounds so easy that it's crazy, right? But that's the "reality" we humans have built for ourselves to this point.

Society is built on people rushing out to find "work" without any thought or care for what that work is related to. 50 years later, you retire. Hooray! In between you complain about your job, your boss, Mondays, etc. Sounds like a crappy life, doesn't it?

Most of us are doomed to that exact life unless we WAKE UP and realize there are other options for us.

This, is YOUR wake up call!

You should take this opportunity to start doing something different.

For the time being keep your job. But instead of texting, watching tv, gossiping, drinking away your time or whatever else you are doing that is just gobbling up your time when you're not at work, take some time, learn some simple new skills and techniques that will change your life forever.

There are millions of clock punching, hourly employees right now that have an intention of "going back to school" as soon as time and money are no longer an issue.

Let this be your school. It's cheaper than most colleges, you'll be able to put what you learn into practice much faster and you can start earning real money as you go along - how's that sound?

So let me ask you, how would you like to make money?


I want to make money in the adult industry


Sexy webcams, sex toys, etc.

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I want to make money in non-adult ways


Techniques, plans and systems to help you

NOT Adult Industry


make money masturbating